Over 10% of Alexa’s Top Million Websites Checked Found UNSAFE [Infographic]

Websites are like babies that never grow up. They need constant care, nurturing and protection from all that is bad out there. The recent report by Sucuri shows how widespread the issue of vulnerable websites is among some of the most popular websites.

Just recently I was reading a blog post on a very popular blog on leadership, and noticed that they are running an outdated WordPress, all security issues found in an out-of-the-box WordPress installation still present and accounted for, and I was even able to find out that they still had “admin” as a username. And that’s only 5 minutes worth of peaking around.

Most businesses and bloggers, when they get started, never think about their website security until it’s too late and they get hacked and instead of their homepage the’ll see some political message. WordPress security (or any other website platform) is not hard, but it’s not something hosting companies enforce or require unless they specialiaze in WordPress hosting.

In some cases businesses might be losing money without even realizing it, when hackers hide redirects and spam links that are triggered by very specific events. For example, if someone visits your website from Google or Facebook they would be redirected to the spammers website – but, direct visits to your website would not be affected.

Sucuri Alexa Unsafe Websites Infographic

As you can see, there are over 50,000 WordPress websites that are outdated! Please, keep in mind that they only scanned 1,000,000 websites. How many WordPress websites would be outdated and vulnerable to hacking if all websites currently online would be scanned?

Take good care of your baby, and if you don’t have the knowledge or the time, hire a babysitter to do the job and do it right. Your business and business reputation relies on it, so don’t leave it to chance. Secure your website, secure the future of your business. It’s that simple.