68% of Companies Admit to Struggling with Lead Generation

Lead generation is the lifeline of your sales machine. Without leads it will dry up and die, taking your business with it. What most businesses don’t understand is that lead generation is a process, just like riding a bicycle. Unless you’re 3 with safety wheels on, when you stop you will fall flat on your face.

That’s why it wasn’t a big surprise to see that 68% of companies had trouble generating leads. The keyword is “admit.” Honestly, that number should be up in the 80s if everyone honestly answered the survey, that’s my personal opinion based on the work I’ve done with businesses. That also does not qualify good vs bad lead generation.

How HubSpot Qualifies & Closes 27K Sales Leads a Month

You can generate leads all day, every day. But if those leads are not qualified and/or you do not nurture them, it’s just a waste of everyone’s time and resources. HubSpot’s success is a good example. They generate anywhere from 45,000-60,000 leads per month, yet they are only growing at about 2,155 clients per year (8,440 in 2012 to 10,595 in 2013). Luckily, HubSpot’s marketing automation platform does allow them to sift through those leads and deliver over qualified leads to their sales team. The point is, it does not matter how many leads you generate. What truly matters is, how many qualified leads you generate.

The infographic by The Chat Shop highlights some of the notable lead generation statistics to give you a better understanding as to what is happening across all industries.

What’s really striking, yet highlights the importance of content marketing, only 38% of users said they were willing to register for a demo – BUT – astonishing 80% said they would register for a white paper.

Demos are still in seller mentality, it does not offer any true value to the end user. It offers an opportunity for you to sell your product, but it does not provide any real value. Customers love value. That’s why I always say, leads charge value in exchange for their contact information.

Online Lead Generation Infographic

Take the time and look at your lead generation strategy, how can you offer more value to your leads and prospects without any hint of a sale?

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