The Difference Between Google Penguin and Google Panda Updates [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Google Penguin and Google Panda updates are not new, but many business owners do not know anything about these two updates to Google search algorithm. They were designed to clean up search results and penalize website using spammy tactics to gain search visibility.

Reload Media released a good infographic about the difference between the two updates to help business owners and marketers understand what each update was designed to do.

Google Penguin Update

Google Penguin update was released on April 24, 2012 and designed to penalize websites using black-hat SEO strategies to gain search rankings. Examples include keyword stuffing, cloaking, and link schemes.

According to Google, 3.1% of English language websites were affected by this update.

Google Panda Update

Google Panda update was released initially in February of 2011 and designed to bring high quality websites up in the search results, while pushing low quality websites down the search results. However, many low quality websites and scrapers began to show up higher in search results making Google scramble to re-evaluate and update the algorithm. Google has released an advisory on their blog to help webmasters evaluate what Google considers as “high quality” content.

Now, check out the infographic for additional information about both updates.

The difference between Google Panda and Penguin Algorithm Changes Infographic

Did you know anything about these updates before? Or, maybe it did affect your website rankings? Share in the comments with us.