Just How Important Business Reviews Are Anyway? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Online reputation is key to a successful, lasting business. For some reason, many local businesses still don’t understand just how important, and damaging if negative, online reviews can be.

At ProjectArmy, we educate our clients and their staff/employees about the importance of online reputation, how to deliver exceptional customer experience and foster reputation culture to keep building positive reputation. Having the right data and statistics comes handy when we try to communicate the importance of online reputation to all stakeholders. So we wanted to share very useful and data-rich infographic created by PeopleClaim.com, an online dispute resolution service.

The statistics in this infographic, in addition to covering reviews, also provide a useful look at how customers interact with businesses. For example, if your cashier has a bad day and takes it out on a customer it doesn’t have to be over.

95% of unhappy customers say they will return if the issue is resolved quickly and efficiently.

You don’t have to lose customers because someone had a bad day. You can keep them, and most important of all, these customers will turn into your loyal repeat customers because you build a relationship of trust with them, showing them you do care.

Before you go, remember this. Building positive reputation and 5 star reviews will yield much higher ROI on all marketing and advertising you do.
Review of Reviews Infographic

What do you think about these statistics? Are any of the numbers surprising to you? Did this change anything you’ve thought you knew? Please share with us in the comments below. We would love to know.


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