Small Business Marketing Automation Done Right With Hatchbuck

Small Business Marketing Automation with HatchbuckHatchbuck is a new form of small business marketing automation software that combines many of the tools business owners need into one simple, easy to use interface. Unlike other marketing automation systems which take a long time to set up and use, Hatchbuck is designed to help simplify the process of identifying leads and following up with them to drive sales. Through the easy to use interface, business owners can track contacts, create personalized email marketing campaigns and view the results of these campaigns, all in one place.

Connect With Leads and Customers

Hatchbuck allows business owners to import all of their existing contacts from popular email and social networking programs. Once this information is imported, the user can easily tag contacts with relevant keywords or the names of the products and services they are likely to buy.

Doing this allows for personalized, useful segments of leads, customers, business partners and other contacts. These contacts then receive emails that are relevant to their specific interests. Hatchbuck allows the business owner to create automated drip marketing campaigns to nurture leads and customers, and much more within the user friendly customer relationship management platform.

If you’re using WordPress, you can easily integrate Hatchbuck to capture leads and build your email list with our Hatchbuck for WordPress plugin.

Engage Quickly and Easily With Potential Customers

Creating personalized email campaigns is a simple and quick process thanks to the templates and resources available through Hatchbuck platform.

With over 450 templates pre-loaded and ready for viewing on mobile and desktop devices, the Hatchbuck gives every user the options they need to target any potential customer with a personalized message based on their interest and/or behavior.

Nurture Prospects Into Customers

Hatchbuck offers users marketing insights that make it easy to see which part of the sales process is working and which parts need fine tuning. You can track and view each portion of the sales pipeline and how each customer interacts with the website with website tracking technology.

Hatchbuck’s simple interface allows users to see the information they need to keep sales rolling and creating sustainable growth for the small business.

Integrate ecommerce purchases into the Hatchbuck interface through popular ecommerce services like BigCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce to make purchasing data available as part of the contact’s profile in Hatchbuck. This allows you to tie Hatchbuck’s automation to purchasing behavior of your customers to increase revenue per customer with repeat orders.

Grow Your Small Business

While marketing automation for small business may not be something brand new, the Hatchbuck approach is unlike any other on the market.

By combining the DIY approach with expert help and advice from marketing professionals, the platform offers business owners the best of both worlds. The amount of information and services available to the small business owner through Hatchbuck makes the process of online marketing much simpler, easier to manage, and much more efficient at providing and measuring ROI.