How Popular is WordPress? [Infographic]

If you’ve been using WordPress, some of these statistics won’t surprise you. It is truly an amazing platform, with yoga-like flexibility to bend to your will, wallet, and imagination.

WordPress is the most popular platform to build a website with, because it is easy to use and offers webmaster tools necessary to create an amazing website – blog, business website, social network, forum, learning management system, question and answer site, intranent, customer relationship management system, marketing automation platform, Software as a Service app, and pretty much anything you can think of. There’s a plugin and a theme for everything.

I’ve been fortunate to work with many small businesses building and improving their business websites that were built with WordPress, and even help many businesses convert to WordPress from platforms like HubSpot, Joomla, Drupal, Office 365 (obsolete now), and of course custom HTML site.

The WordPress statistics might be from 2012 (thanks to Yoast for infographic), but trust me, they’ve only increased. Give it some time, and someone will provide updated report on how WordPress is slowly eating away market share of other platforms – growing.

Unfortunately, with popularity there is a downside that you have to consider – hackers. Not too long ago, Sucuri released a report on Alexa’s Top 1,000,000 websites. After scanning 1M websites, they found that 10% were unsafe – ranging from outdated software to malware to spam. They found that over 55,000 of WordPress websites were running an older, outdated version. Running an older version of WordPress makes your website susceptible to vulnerabilities that were fixed and made public in the most up-to-date versions. It makes websites an easy pray from hackers. And all you have to do is keep your WordPress updated.

Having a website is like having a baby. It requires constant attention, care, feeding, and love of course. With proper care, you don’t have to worry about threats or losing your website to a hacker. Use WordPress for your business website, I guarantee you’ll love it!

WordPress Statistics Infographic